Couples therapy

Couples therapy is appropriate before making a major life transition (such as marriage or children), and also when problems are identified. Often, people wait far too long to come to couples therapy, and it can feel hopeless. Sometimes one partner is not so sure about therapy—if this is the case in your relationship, you can call me to talk about it to decide what is right for your relationship. This is exactly why I offer a free 30 minute consultation!

Individual Therapy

People choose therapy when they feel stuck in life. You do not have to have a mental illness in order to come to therapy! Therapists can help with lots of life’s problems by teaching skills, providing guidance, or simply to help improve self-awareness and increase happiness. Some people may be wondering if they are experiencing a diagnosable depression or anxiety (among other issues), and that is definitely a good time to come to therapy. As a licensed therapist, I am qualified to help identify mental illness and am happy to help you understand what might be going on. However, I also believe that good therapy can be done without a mental health diagnosis, and we can talk more about that, too.


The changes that happen during the teenage years are often deeply personal and super confusing (for both parent and teen!). When teens have a safe space to talk about what’s going on for them, with a professional who can teach them actionable skills, this can ease the transition to adulthood for both the teen and their parents. My approach to working with teens is validating, fun, and skill-based, with a strong emphasis on transparency about confidentiality (privacy) between parents and teens. Not everything can be kept confidential, but I find with strong communication, we can strike a balance that parents and teens can agree on. Parents are often concerned with teenage experimentation with sex or drug and alcohol use, and it’s not always clear what should be done about this. Perhaps suicidal thinking or cutting has been a concern in your family. I have the experience to guide your family towards health, safety, and improved communication, while monitoring for anything that could affect normal development. If your teen is not tooooootally convinced about therapy, give them a chance to talk to me before committing during a free consultation call!

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Colleen Is…

  • Qualified to work with couples, children, individuals, and families. (LPCC#286; Confirmation of Qualification to Treat Couples and Families)

  • A Feminist therapist: meaning I treat both men and women with a recognition of the social and political context in which we operate, and I treat my clients as equals.

  • Trained in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy: this is a therapy to help with mindfulness, emotional regulation, distress tolerance, and interpersonal skills.

  • Trained in Motivational Interviewing: this is a therapy to help you reach your goals in your own way.

  • Attentive and in tune, focused on you!

  • Energetic and enthusiastic!

  • Objective, secular, and nonjudgemental!

  • Excited to work with bisexual clients!

  • Excited to work with clients in open relationships (consensual non-monogamy)!