Relationship Counseling

Time to reconnect


Also known as couples therapy or marriage counseling, relationship counseling is appropriate before making a major life transition (such as marriage or children), and also when problems are identified. Often, people wait far too long to come to couples therapy, and it can feel hopeless. I’m here to help navigate out of this “stuck” feeling space, and re-establish what’s gone missing in your relationship. Couples come to therapy with many different goals, including improving your communication, connection, and sex life. It’s not about who’s right and who’s wrong, it’s about getting you back on the same team and moving in the same direction to co-create your life together. It can be helpful to take the time with a neutral party to help see the issues more clearly. A therapist can be a good “referee” to make sure that both partners get a say in co-creating the relationship rules—which may have gone unspoken and need to be renegotiated! Sometimes one partner is not so sure about therapy—if this is the case in your relationship, you can call me to talk about it to decide what is right for your relationship before committing to therapy.