Therapy for teens

Teens need support to transition into adulthood while navigating friendships, identity, sexual development, and experimentation.


Teens need therapy too!

The changes that happen during the teenage years are often deeply personal and super confusing (for both parent and teen!). When teens have a safe space to talk about what’s going on for them, with a professional who can teach them actionable skills, this can ease the transition to adulthood for both the teen and their parents. My approach to working with teens is validating, fun, and skill-based, with a strong emphasis on transparency about confidentiality (privacy) between parents and teens. Not everything can be kept confidential (like if your safety is at risk), but I find with strong communication, we can strike a balance that parents and teens can agree on. Parents are often concerned with teenage experimentation with sex or drug and alcohol use, and therapy can be really helpful for this. I can create a space where teens feel safe enough to talk about what’s really going on. I have the experience to guide teens through the complex decisions they have to make as they identify what their values are and start to live by them. If your teen is not tooooootally convinced about therapy, give them a chance to talk to me before committing —I’m always willing to talk on the phone before meeting!